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Getting To and From

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Flight schedules for anyone coming from the EAST of the Cook Islands from Sep 15 - 20, 2024.


Hawaiian Airlines (From Honolulu)

  • Hawaiian Airlines HNL/RAR

    • Dep HNL 4:00pm Sat 14 Sep 2024

    • Arrive RAR 10:35pm Sat 14 Sep 2024

  • Hawaiian Airlines HNL/RAR

    • Dep RAR 11:35pm Sun 22 Sep 2024

    • Arrive HNL 5:50am Mon 23 Sep 2024


Note: The best airport from the mainland to connect to this flight is LAX. You have an almost 2hr to 3hr transit in both directions. However, Hawaiian Airlines also flies from 15 other gateways across the US. You can find more information at  


Air Rarotonga & Air Tahiti (From Papeete)

  • Air Rarotonga (PPT/RAR)

    • Dep PPT 8:40am Wed

    • Arr RAR 11:20am Wed

  • Air Tahiti (PPT/RAR)

    • Dep PPT 8:35am Sat

    • Arr RAR 11:20am Sat

  •  Air Tahiti (RAR/PPT)

    • Dep RAR 12:20pm Sat

    • Arr PPT 3:05pm Sat

  • Air Rarotonga (RAR/PPT)

    • Dep RAR 2:20pm Tue

    • Arr PPT 5:40pm Tue


Note: Air Tahiti Nui connects well with the Air Rarotonga flight on the south bound. On northbound travel, they will need to transit for 6 to 7 hours. For Air Tahiti Nui and Air Tahiti, the flights for the southbound connect well. For the northbound, your transit is over 7 hours with Air Tahiti Nui. Also note, that Delta, American and United also fly into Papeete.


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