UMC 2019 Submitted Abstracts & Posters

Agata Kozłowska-R, Michał Tomczak, Artur Skowronek

Characteristics of the Polish contract area in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute

Amy Gartman

Seafloor sulfide mineral deposition and remobilization

USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Anna Firstova, Georgy Cherkashov, Victor Bel’tenev, Katerina Kuksa, Vladislav Kuznetsov

Low-grade ultramafic-hosted SMS deposits: Case study of the Pobeda hydrothermal field

Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean FSBI “VNIIOkeangeologia

Akira Usui

Geological characterization of cobalt-rich ferrommanganese crusts using deep-sea drill cores in the NW Pacific seamounts

Kochi University, Japan

Andreas Kaede

Can Patents be considered part of the Common Heritage of Mankind?

Stuttgart bar association, the Licensing Executives Society (LES), the German-American Lawyers’ Association (DAJV), and the World Ocean Council (WOC)

C D Castle, R A Wood, R K H Falconer, CJ McKenzie, R Grogan

Chatham Rock Phosphate – an example of a sustainable development of seabed mineral resources while minimising the environmental impact and using ground breaking technology