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About IMMS Host

The University of South Florida College of Marine Science seeks to increase and apply fundamental knowledge of global ocean systems and human-ocean interactions through research, graduate education and community engagement. USF CMS creates and disseminate knowledge about ocean physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and fisheries through observation, modeling, and theory. The goal is to train a well-educated work force and to create a more scientifically-informed society.

The USF CMS is one of the top 10 marine science programs in the country (Academic Analytics) and has been a leader in innovative and cross-disciplinary oceanographic research and resource management, graduate education, and public outreach for more than 50 years. Its 11-acre waterfront campus is the heart of one of the largest marine science hubs in the country that also includes the USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, the Florida Institute of Oceanography, SRI International, the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, and the US Coast Guard. The USF CMS is a recognized leader in the public understanding of science. We are proud of our strong suite of long-running education outreach programs.

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