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The Underwater Mining Conference is the World’s largest gathering of Ocean Minerals Stakeholders and brings together leaders from academia, industry, and government who share a common interest in marine mining and exploration. For nearly five decades, over  25 nations have been represented at this annual forum to exchange ideas, seek expertise, and share in the excitement of this evolving industry.

 It is a great opportunity to:

  • Introduce your projects to the scientific community

  • Build relationships with potential partners

  • Hear from and meet key local and international government regulators

  • Meet with key marine mining scientific researchers

  • Discover innovative, cost cutting technical solutions

  • Discover new investment opportunities

  • Learn about the latest trends in mineral resource demand and supply

  • Get updates on assets allocation strategies

  • Meet the management teams of key ocean mining companies

  • Discuss regulatory best practices

  • Share ideas with key project developers on sustainable underwater mine development

  • Learn and share knowledge and excellence in practices

  • Make connections with researchers, regulators & investors

  • Explore new technological innovations

  • Promote technical expertise

How to Participate
on UMC?

Why attend UMC?

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