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UMC 2022 Focus

Half a Century On:  

Learning from the Past to Inform the Future

Since 1970 the Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC, originally the Underwater Mining Institute) has provided a nexus linking academic, industrial, and governmental professionals working in all disciplines related to marine minerals, mining and exploration.  In doing so the UMC has built a unique, international network of participants for over half a century. 


The Conference is more than an annual forum; it has, through the years, fostered cooperation, assistance and understanding among those who compose the marine minerals community.  It has been the catalyst for forming the International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS, incorporated in 1987) and for many joint ventures, business deals, research grants, service contracts and student stipends.  Such rewards, coupled with the enthusiasm of its participants, have ensured the continuing success of this annual Conference.  This year the UMC will be hosted at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida by IMMS in association with the University of South Florida. 

As usual, we expect the latest scientific, engineering, environmental, legal, and political developments to be well represented at this Conference.  In addition, to commemorate the fact that it will be the 50th Conference to be convened (no conferences were held in 1999 and 2009), we hope also to include some retrospective presentations and exhibitions that look back at the events and personalities who have built the rich history of the UMC.  Interested parties who wish to contribute to this historical perspective are encouraged to submit short (maximum 10 minutes) papers that provide notable and entertaining anecdotes to the assembly.  Those who have interesting photographs (with captions) to contribute are requested to upload them to:

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