Subject to future travel restrictions, the current plan is to hold an on-site conference at the St Petersburg Vinoy Venue for UMC 2021. 

UMC 2021


Half a Century on:

Learning from the Past

to Inform the Future

September 19 - 24, 2021

The Vinoy Renaissance Resort

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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Underwater Minerals Conference 
The World's Largest Gathering of Ocean Mineral Stakeholders

The Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC) is an annual international forum, with representatives from over 25 countries that since 1970 has brought the marine minerals community together. UMC is the world’s largest gathering of ocean mineral stakeholders, including government, academic, and commercial sector 

professionals. Topics considered for the conference include:


  • Geological and biological studies of marine minerals deposits and their      associated biological communities.

  • Regulatory considerations related to mineral resource and environmental impact   assessment.

  • Technological considerations related to scientific survey objectives and commercial recovery objectives.

  • General policy considerations related to the long-term development of these resources.

  • Other relevant topics.

UMC 2021 - The 50th Underwater Minerals Conference is presented by the International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS) in partnership with the University of South Florida College of Marine Sciences (USF CMS). This year's Technical Program Chair is Dr. John Wiltshire, former Director of the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii. 


The Conference venue is the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club, located in  St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. 

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UMC 2021 Focus

Half a Century On:

Learning from the Past

to Inform the Future

The special metals found in rich deposits on the deep ocean floor are critical for smart electronics and crucial green technologies, such as solar power and electric cars. But as the world’s population rises, demand is now outstripping the production from mines on land for some important elements, like cobalt. The ocean mining business players say the extraordinary richness of the underwater deposits mean the environmental impacts will be far lower than on land. But critics say exotic and little-known ecosystems in the deep oceans could be destroyed and must be protected. This is where the dilemma starts. How do we meet our needs and our responsibilities towards the environments we could impact? This challenge has a solution that we need to find.




UMC provides a platform for researchers, business leaders, governing authorities, and other stakeholder to share about different national policies on underwater mining, research findings on different regions of the ocean and the development of new technologies that can help better manage operations underwater.

Subject to future travel restrictions, the current plan is to hold an on-site conference at the St Petersburg Vinoy Venue in 2021. 

With historic elegance and a very modern sense of independence, The Vinoy Renaissance Resort offers a conference and vacation experience unlike any other. Ideally situated on the waterfront in St. Petersburg's, Florida's thriving downtown district, this award-winning hotel is a short distance from waterfront.

The rates are specially discounted for UMC guests starting at $169.

501 5th Ave NE, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA 33701

UMC happens once a year and provides an indispensable source of information and exchange of ideas between the ocean mining industry, the government institutions, the non-profit organizations and academia. It has a scientific focus where the active marine mining players can learn more about the advances in ocean minerals science. The Underwater Mining Conference is the World’s largest gathering of Ocean Minerals Stakeholders


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