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UMC 2024

Rarotonga, cook islands
15 - 21 September, 2024

Underwater Minerals Conference 
The World's Largest Gathering of Ocean Mineral Stakeholders

The Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC) is an annual international forum, with representatives from over 25 countries that since 1970 has brought the marine minerals community together. UMC is the world’s largest gathering of ocean mineral stakeholders, including government, academic, and commercial sector 

professionals. Topics considered for the conference include:


  • Geological and biological studies of marine minerals deposits and their      associated biological communities.

  • Regulatory considerations related to mineral resource and environmental impact assessment.

  • Technological considerations related to scientific survey objectives and commercial recovery objectives.

  • General policy considerations related to the long-term development of these resources.

  • Other relevant topics.

UMC 2024 - The 52nd Underwater Minerals Conference is presented by the International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS) in partnership with the government of the Cook Islands. This year's Technical Program Chair is Dr. John Wiltshire, president of IMMS. 

UMC 2024 Coloured-11_edited.png

The Conference will be held in-person and the venue is the National Auditorium, located in  Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 

Registration Dates 2024



March 4 - June 28

Regular Registration

June 29 - September 1



From September 2

Important Dates

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UMC 2024 Focus

Going Deep:

Getting the Science Right for Informed Decisions

Since 1970, the Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC, originally the Underwater Mining Institute) has provided a nexus linking academic, industrial, and governmental professionals working in all disciplines related to marine minerals, mining and exploration.  In doing so the UMC has built a unique, international network of participants for over half a century. The Conference is more than an annual forum; it has, through the years, fostered cooperation, assistance and understanding among those who compose the marine minerals community.  It has been the catalyst for forming the International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS, incorporated in 1987) and for many joint ventures, business deals, research grants, service contracts and student stipends. 



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UMC provides a platform for researchers, business leaders, governing authorities, and other stakeholder to share about different national policies on underwater minerals exploration, research findings on different regions of the ocean and the development of new technologies that can help better manage operations underwater.

UMC 2024 will be held at the Cook Islands National Auditorium, This facility has over the last 30 years been used for an array of events, from constitution celebrations to international conferences like Pacific Leaders Forums .

Rarotonga is the largest and most populous of the Cook Islands. The island is volcanic, with an area of 67.39 km2, and is home to almost 75% of the country's population, with 10,898 of a total population of 15,040. The Cook Islands' Parliament buildings and international airport are on Rarotonga. It is a very popular tourist destination with many resorts, hotels and restaurants. It has beautiful beaches, and is compact and easy to get around. The island's coast is made up of an upraised coral reef, with a ring of fertile volcanic soil between the mountains and the coast. Avarua, on the north coast, is the capital of the Cook Islands.

UMC happens once a year and provides an indispensable source of information and exchange of ideas between the ocean mining industry, the government institutions, the non-profit organizations and academia. It has a scientific focus where the active marine mining players can learn more about the advances in ocean minerals science. The Underwater Mining Conference is the World’s largest gathering of Ocean Minerals Stakeholders.

This year of 2024 UMC will be special, for the first time located in a country filled with marine minerals and with marine mineral exploration rules already in place. 



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